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Clover Infotech

Clover Infotech

Clover Infotech’s Database Solutions & Services

High availability, security and performance of the database environment are essential for any business. Clover’s award – winning database services help you build and manage databases efficiently and cost effectively, with close to two decades of experience in providing database administration services for various clients across different industries.

We use industry’s best practices, solution centric approach and excellent technology skills to execute projects like implementation, upgrade, migration, support, enhancement, performance tuning, high availability, consulting within time. Our in-house training academy and focus of research on features help our clients to enhance their database centric operations. We have successful partnership with the leading database solutions vendors like Oracle, Microsoft, and Sybase.

What We Deliver?

-End to End database infrastructure for enterprise clients:

  • Managed Services
  • Architecture Consulting

Managed Services for Database :

– End to End ownership of database infrastructure and operations through:

  • Onsite support
  • Remote support

Service Portfolio:

  • Database Implementation and Enablement
  • Database Upgradation
  • Database Integration
  • Database Optimization
  • Database Migration
  • Database Administration

The services are supported by Technology Group for all the escalations.

Managed Services: Highlights :

  • Clover instills its value by providing complete documentation and reports which delivers a ‘Service Oriented approach’ rather than ‘People Oriented’ approach.
  • Services include critical deliverables like Infrastructure Review, Optimization, Consulting which provides value to enterprises other than day to day operations.
  • ISO -27001 Certified Remote Operation Centre.
  • 24/7 operations on database and other services.

Architecture Consulting for Database Services:

Clover’s Technology Solutions Group (TSG) carries subject matter experts from all known technologies of database with over 16 years in most of the technology areas. All the subject matter experts work together and provide an end -to-end solution to the client. This involves study of current infrastructure, understanding business requirement, analysis of relevant technologies, solution proposition and creation of deployment architecture and solution implementation. TSG has an experienced technology management consulting team with a proven track record of helping leading businesses across industries improve the alliance of business and IT and effectively meet their business challenges. Our consultants combine their extensive technical experience with strong strategic and business focused leadership to change the balance between maintenance and new value IT solutions.

Technology Solutions Group (TSG) Services Portfolio:

  • Optimization Consulting (Consolidation and Virtualization)
  • Performance Management Consulting
  • High Availability Consulting and Implementation
  • Security Management
  • Disaster Recovery Consulting and Implementation

TSG: Key Highlights :

TSG’s strategy consultants strive to help customers:

  • Enhance the business value of their IT investment.
  • Improve process efficiencies and Reduce TCO.
  • “Future proof” their infrastructure to enable agile response to changing market conditions.

Company profile :

Clover Infotech is a part of the Clover Group.The Clover Group, a 3 decade old group, headed by founder &CEO Mr. Javed Tapia, headquartered in Mumbai with offices in Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Delhi (NCR), and Singapore.

The group has businesses across segments such as realty, IT services, renewable energy, ATM services and payments.

Clover Infotech strives to provide the best in class technology solutions and services in the areas of technology consulting, application implementation, middleware services and database management, across the spectrum of industry verticals, ensuring our clients competitive advantage. With over 150 clients on active engagements and pillared on close to 2 decades of industry experience, our consultative approach and collaborative engagement methodology positions us to provide the much needed insight for our customers and helps them garner the requisite solution for all their technology initiatives.

A brief about Clover Infotech :

  • Founded in 1994
  • An ISO 27001 certified company
  • Mission to provide technology services to enterprise customers
  • Successful partnership with Oracle, Microsoft and SAP
  • Provides end-to-end support, development and deployment services in Oracle, Microsoft and IT Infrastructure
  • Experience in managing enterprise customers for close to two decades in various verticals such as BFSI, Telecom, Manufacturing, Retail, Shipping and Logistics
  • Offices in Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon (Delhi NCR) & Singapore with more than 150 clients

Our Mission :

To be the leading provider of reliable and consistent technology services that enables our clients to achieve a competitive edge.

Business Alliances :

Clover Infotech is a strategic partner to world’s leading business and technology organizations. These alliance relationships play a key role in enhancing our capabilities leading to delivery of superior solutions and greater value to our clients. Our teams of consultants get access to the latest technology platforms and training from our alliance partners. We utilize our alliance relationships to ensure our clients meet their requirements and get the greatest value out of their technology investments.

Services at a Glance :

  • Database Management Services
  • Application Services
  • Middleware Services
  • ERP Services (Oracle and SAP)
  • Operating System Services
  • Managed Services

Why Clover Infotech :

  • Over 150 clients on an active engagement
  • More than 2000 projects successfully executed
  • Serving clients close to 2 decades
  • Experienced business and IT strategists
  • Innovative and scalable solutions tailored to increase ROI
  • Rich experience in Application Solutions for BFSI Segments