CFO CHOICE | CFO – National Anthem
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CFO – National Anthem

“CFOs Singing Indian National Anthem”

As a mark of respect to our country and highlighting the CFOs contribution to the nation at large and more specifically within ICT, we are looking to compose and film CFOs singing the Indian National Anthem by shooting a top class video which, we envisage will be played when any of the ICT CFO events are conducted in the country.

Drawing inspiration from the Indian National Anthem being played in theaters before any movie, this CFO Anthem campaign intends to combine nationwide CFOs in a video with top ICT vendors CXOs.

The idea is to create a top of the line video of CFOs singing Jana Gana Mana – Indian National Anthem. The creative process and planning behind the production of the video will be brought to life in the coming few weeks and will be aired in the Red Carpet Night on 11th Jan 2013. This video will be then made available on all various social media platforms.