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Wipro Limited

Wipro Limited

Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)

Information Technology is a key enabler for business growth. With the technology landscape constantly changing, enterprises are finding it increasingly difficult to manage their complex IT infrastructure and applications on their own. Managing People, Products and Processes is the biggest challenge for any enterprise. Wipro addresses the challenge by effectively blending these three vital components, and ensures quality of end results.

Wipro’s Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) is a business unit under Wipro’s Global Infrastructure Services (GIS), which is USD 2 Billion business that enables enterprises to focus on their business while we manage, monitor and support their technology infrastructure. Wipro’s IMS involve the management of essential IT components such as equipment, data, policies, processes and external contacts for the smooth running of business. IMS offers focused solutions for building and managing the entire IT infrastructure–comprising lifecycle services in datacenter management, network management, security management, desk-side management, database administration, application and non-IT equipment support. Powered by a rich domain expertise across diverse technologies, Wipro IMS seeks to ensure optimum capacity utilization and infrastructure availability. Our rich talent base is also coupled with deep industry knowledge and backed by best-of-breed products and technology. Adoption of robust quality management systems–like Six Sigma & Lean–ensures enhanced service levels and continuous improvement of our services. By partnering with us, enterprises can maximize the availability, performance and quality of the IT infrastructure and applications, while accomplishing their business goals.

Enterprise Infrastructure Automation Services

Wipro is recognized as an Industry leader in Enterprise Automation Services with strengths leveraged on experience and expertise translated into in house build tools with competitive edge , built to match the specific needs of the industry and to ensure the tangible benefits of Reduced Cost of Operations , Skill Rationalization , and intangible in terms of enhanced availability of systems

FixOmaticTM is a suite of next generation IT Infrastructure Automation solutions spanning Datacenter, End User Computing and Customized Engineering of automation products and services for highly specific needs of customers. The transformational solutions help achieve Effort reduction by repurposing skilled resources, Effort reduction by reducing Mean Time To Resolve, Process Standardization and Compliance & Lower cost per resolution.

Designed to dynamically detect, diagnose and auto-correct incidents as they occur in customer’s Datacenter environment, most incidents are automatically self-healed even before the user becomes aware of their existence. The DC automation suite automate business processes and service requests spanning across multiple towers like Platform, Servers ,Network Operations, Storage , Databases leading to more efficient and compliant provisioning of IT Services.

EU Automation suite have Self Service tools that directs end users to customized one-click solutions before the need arises to contact service desk for help, Software Asset Management that enables customer to make immediate reductions in software costs, App-store empowers users to get the software and services they need, when they need them, and PC Power Management for delivering immediate credible savings by reducing energy consumption

Managed Security Services

In today’s complex environment, organizations are increasingly interconnected with partners, networks, customers, applications and end user devices. Providing uninterrupted access to It resources and safeguarding it against evolving threats is the biggest challenge for organizations today.

Wipro has been a Leader in providing Information Security Services across verticals, with the Managed Security Services of Wipro having grown more than 20 times in the last 7 years. Adding 5 to 10 New Customers YoY & with a consistent revenue growth, Today more than 50 customers are supported from remote GSOC in Mysore

Wipro’s Managed Security Services are flexible and affordable solutions that help organizations reduce their costs of security infrastructure and operations management resulting in efficient use of IT resources. Wipro offers organizations access to world class, state-of-the-art Security Intelligence Centers (SIC) for proactive security and risk management. The SIC ensures intelligence driven security incident monitoring / management to handle and mitigate known and unknown threats. Investments in various security products, related support and continuous improvement initiatives has lead to the creation of catalogued services for security – Security as a Service, empowering organizations to focus their investments on the security service they require rather than on products and technologies.

Wipro MSS support customers in all the industry verticals like BFSI, Telecom, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automobile, Aviation, Energy and Utilities etc., to secure their IT & Telecom Apps-Infra. Security Solutions are customized to industry verticals and their compliance / regulatory requirements. Advanced skilled resources in Security and Risk Management along with other Apps-Infra domain SME’s form the core group of the Wipro Security Program. On-demand Skills and Security Services are also provided to meet the organizations security & threat analysis / mitigation requirements.

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