CFO CHOICE | G N Nagaraj
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G N Nagaraj

G N Nagaraj

Group CIO – Interglobe Enterprises Limited

Full Name G N Nagaraj
Current Designation & Role Group CIO
Current Company Name Interglobe Enterprises Limited
Past Company Names HDFC Ltd, ICICI Bank, Novell, Reliance Capital & Reliance Money, Religare Enterprises Ltd
No of Years in the IT Industry 20 years
City you live in currently and since when Gurgaon since Nov 2009
Native Town/ City you belong Rajahmundry, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh
Mother Tongue Telugu
Language you are proficient with English
Educational Details MCA Mumbai University, Gartner CIO Academy Said Business School Oxford University
Awards and Recognitions Received CIO IT People CIO Of The Year , January 2008VISA IT Operations Excellence Award , October 2002
Gadgets you love the most and why iPad – great innovationDigital Frames – solves the problem of digital photographs never having an exhibition platform at home

Digital Cameras – got rid of prints – saves trees

Smartphones – mobility with voice and rich data

What makes you laugh Lok Sabha TV, Comedy Central Shows, fat policemen and two sitcome -Friends & How I Met Your Mother
Current book you are reading and what you love about it “Self Illusion – Why there is no YOU inside your Head” by Bruce Hood. This book maps the biology and chemistry of the brain to the way we conduct ourselves in the environments we live in and logically breaks down to the fact that who we are , are a reflection of multiple influences and that we have no individuality of our own. The strong suites are the prominent traits we display and those are a result of influences we were under and they are not our unique individuality. Still reading the book…the book might take an unexpected twist and negate everything that I said so far from what I read!!!!
Books you enjoyed reading the most Non Fiction
Software company you admire and why Pixar. Its the only company that has got technology to create productions that touch our heart and soul.
Hardware company your admire and why Boeing & Airbus. These are the only companies on the globe who create complex machines we are willing to travel on, machines which need to be perfect to prevent loss of life. The amount of technology packed into the aircrafts – both digital and hydraulic run by software is the most complex and amazing thing I have ever seen. This hardware ships a tender baby to a full grown adult with the same care, safety and sophistication.
IT personality you admire and why Steve Jobs. I admire Steve Jobs for the way he lived his life. He always skated to places where the puck would go…not to places where it had been. Innventor – Innovator – Businessman – God.
Your best moment in your career till date Its yet to arrive.
Your best moment in personal life Every moment
Music You Like All genres except heavy metal, punk and electronic
Movies You Like : Apollo 13, The Great Escape, Escape To Victory , Lage Raho Munnabhai, Jaane Bhi DO Yaroon, Most of Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s movies and 3idiots
Most Liked Travel Destination Pot in my Loo
Why do you like your job I get to learn a new domain and I get to work for Rahul Bhatia.
Most favorite quote Be Hungry, Be Foolish